Havana&Co. with the Spring/Summer 2020 collection dedicate its collection to Puglia and the Medittaranean colors and nature.
The lime white of the walls coordinates all the outfits. A need for cleanliness, freshness and simplicity becomes absolutely essential.
An atmosphere of half-shades, discolored by time and heated by the strong southern sun, a tribute to Ostuni, the white city.
Vaguely retro misdyed effects for a positive collection in the name of tradition and folklore.

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Olympic atmospheres: St. Moritz 1948.

Havana&Co. dresses in sports and interprets the sportsman in a formal way.
A journey into the glorious past in search of the future.
Contrasts of elements, colors, shapes, lines and fabrics to arrive at a new more contemporary dress: the future is created from the past.
A new image focused towards the most practical and dynamic dress: an Olympic celebration of the HAVANA&CO brand.

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