havana&co-abbigliamento uomo-ss22

Spring/Summer 2022

Fashion thrives on dichromies and uncertainties, looking for reassuring ideas and inspirations.
The search for moods that give hope to the near future starts from this reflection.
Art is always thaumaturgical in these cases, Havana in the spring-summer collection creates a dialogue with
two cultures / artists, always of great modernity.
On the one hand the African tribal art, on the other the artistic production of Carla Accardii (1924/2014).
The result is a minimalist inspiration, with modern graphic effects and camouflage-inspired color spots.

The colors are dark (earth, cobalt, musk), always softened by white and black, with fluorescent flashes (acid,
turquoise, fuchsia), as in the plastics of Carla Accardii.
The fabrics match two trends: natural with bark weaves, technical and shiny like cellophane sheets.
Nature and technology coexist in a balance of new modernity.
The shapes are comfortable and accentuate their comfy derivation.
The multitasking aspect becomes the new dress code.
Havana embraces the natural as it advances.

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Fall/Winter 2021

Fashion reflects on its future and confronts itself with a reality that is continuously changing.
The Fall/Winter 2021 collection by Havana&Co., reflects and takes cues from a primeval historical
period in which man was in perfect balance and dialogue with nature: the prehistory.
Graphics inspired by rock engravings, amazing colors and designs created in this period that have
now become familiar symbols. The pied de poule, a process already present in some pre-Celtic
civilizations, is the leitmotif of a symphony that prefers natural colors, matched with the classic
black and white. But not only neutral shades, the color, used in small interventions, underlines a
graphic of contemporary inspiration.
Turquoise brushstrokes, ocher and ruby red, softly land on fabrics with thick finesse and on shirts
with geometric graphics.

Great protagonist is clothing by sports-inspiration that plays an important role to face the “daily
routine”, which is increasingly managed at home. So comfortable volumes, natural materials of
great comfort, knitted effects with evident graphics and textures.
Trousers are the clothing item that undergoes major evolutions. “Jumpsuit effect” or of classic
inspiration, it transforms with a higher waist and deep pleats, enlarging on the side of the thigh
but keeping a tight hem/bottom.

A concrete fashion, respectful of man and nature.
A trend more and more rooted in the DNA of Havana & Co.

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