Spring/Summer 2021

For the SS 2021 collection, Havana&Co. imagines a dialogue between nature and man.
Two entities in comparison in the name of a new social respect.
Nature, with its flowers, the maximum element of creativity confronts to man’s creativity: writing, signs, designed to the great need to communicate and understand.
To a great artist as Jannis Kounellis (1936-2017) the task to represent the humanity.
Graphics and palette, representing two personalities of the elements, were born from this dialogue.
– Colors from nature: sage green, yellow, wisteria, light blue;
– Colors from men: asphalt, brick brown, army green and blue.

Overlapped and matched colors are always diluted by ecru.
– Fabrics are natural: cotton, linen, viscose from a rustic look and a loose hand;
– Modeling and comfortable shapes to highlight the great need for practicality.

On jackes, shirts, trousers and vests there are large functional pockets to renew garments of simple shapes.
Graphic’s t-shirts and shirts, violet violets and daises to elements from Kounellis’ graphic: numbers, arrows, chess and letters.
Longing for semplicity and naturalness to a new eco-fashion.

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Fall/Winter 2020/21

A linear collection that love natural and authentic, in respect of nature and ecology.
Fiber and fabrics, colors and monochrome inspirations, without pollutants strong tone, that value the nobility of material in their pure state. And if colors have to be, that is stolen from the beauty of sunsets, meadows, earth and sky. A new ecological awareness to create a new future also in clothing. Everything is more true: the forms (more comfortable and linear) the fabrics (more traditional and soft) designs (more simple and graphic). Also the lenghts of garments are relevant to this new comfort: they get longer under the knee for coats and duvets, they get shorter in the pants but they rise from waist and present new volumes introducing deep pinces. All consistent with a new philosophy of respect of tradition and nature. The natural colors of wool and cotton, without chemical dyes but naturally treated become a new ecological and aesthetic path that makes fashion.

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