We started from Puglia, wink at the world

Our headquarter continues to be where it all started, in Sava, a country of fine vineyards and centuries-old olive groves in Puglia.

In Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals, the Toma Italian Brands group has its showroom and from there pursues its vision, strongly marked by international distribution.

Showroom Milano

Via Privata Rezia, 8 ( trav. via Friuli )
Milano, 20100 ITA
Telefono (+39) 02.76281487


G.S.T. S.r.l.
via XI Febbraio, 37/B
Sava (Ta), 74028 ITA
Telefono (+39) 099.9721844

Where buy

7th Avenue at 51st Street, New York City

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